Reception & Concierge

“ It is all about first impression”


Skyline Protection Ltd provides fully managed reception services and ensures that our clients have a team that is an extension of the brand image of their organization. Our team works closely with the security services to provide a seamless service for staff, clients and visitors.


In any business, first impressions are vital. They have a long lasting influence on the way people view the whole company. We ensure that the reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly. Our clients’ visitors feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk through the door. It is not just about looking smart and being efficient, but also about having a professional approach to making people feel at ease and reassured about our clients’ organisations.

Skyline Protection Ltd is here to ensure that our clients’ visitors will remember their visits for all the right reasons.



Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance and monitoring assist in securing sites or part of sites 24 hours a day. Whether installing the CCTV solution, making updates or monitoring the systems, Skyline Protection Ltd has all the end-to-end resources to put these in to place.



The benefit of CCTV surveillance is that our clients can secure their premises entirely in a more economical way, with one central security management point per site which monitors the entire premises very effectively.

Our specially trained security team is available on site 24 hours a day to ensure total security is always provided on site. Should a security issue arise, we are fully equipped to provide prompt physical security response.


Our CCTV and monitoring services include:


  • Appraising and advising on current systems

  • Recommending, designing and implementing of CCTV specifications using the latest technologies

  • Maintenance and 24-hour support

Retail Security



We provide fully: 


Trained store detectives


Who blend into their environment with ease. They are diplomatic, quick thinking and discreet. Our store detectives are fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)


  • Uniformed Guards


We provide image conscious individuals, with excellent customer service skills...


  • Security Officers

We can provide security officers for your warehouse, gatehouse, or reception area...


  • Events and Launches


We understand what you need, and can offer advice, support, but more importantly the right people...


  • Investigations and Surveillance


Whether it's staff theft, embezzlement, or those claiming fraudulent sick pay, we can help eradicate those helping themselves to company profits...



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